Sunday, August 30, 2009

i miss summer...

a fun weekend in sc with amy and her sweet boys. a festival and catch up time with marianne p. celebrating many special birthdays. a couple of days at the beach with melanie and family. celebrating my dad. talks about faith, walking, and peddle boating with ashley. babysitting holt gaston. sleepovers with lauren. servant-hearted parents helping me paint my house. church and brunch with steph every chance we got. sleepovers with lauren. celebrating our country with my brother and his wife, my sister. serving my community with my bible study. celebrating my 30th. beach days with my dear family and friends that are family. having amy and the boys here with me for a few days. a play date with my best friends and their little ones. an insightful night with jenny before she left for bolvia. exploring shreveport with emily. experiencing waco with marianne and the rest of the cox fam. several quality convos with shannon. catching up over dinner with lauren and jennifer. shopping and fellowship with lisa, wes, and ag. a beautiful road trip with my sister. precious time with my grandparents. experiencing rebecca m's workplace. fun hang out times with my bible study. talks with ellie about living life for Jesus. a day of girlie fun with amy and eve. celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of precious taylor heritage.....and spending time with my Savior....especially that. learning and re-learning the importance of fellowship. thank You for this summer. i surely miss it, but i am very thankful.

i have many pictures to document this summer. but this post is long overdue, and i ran out of time to collage all those i decided to include some family pics from our photo shoot on the beach. i love my family: