Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He wants us all

The pastor at my church just started a really cool new series this past Sunday entitled, "Why I'm Not a Christian." If you don't attend The Summit, I highly recommend that you listen to the first sermon of this series, "How can there be only one way to God?" ...I was truly convicted and encouraged...I give God the glory for that!

I loved this excerpt from the sermon...

"This is the one place where there ought to be radical diversity...because in this room we should have together the morally upstanding seated right beside the moral failures and we'll have the black and the white and the Hispanic and we'll all be united praising God because it doesn't matter what kind of sinners we are but what kind of Savior that He is. The Gospel doesn't produce destroys it!"

I am so thankful the God I know and serve loves and wants us ALL.